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IP C.M. App now Available!

Do you still use traditional monitor?

BLTC IP C.M. LAMP is an intelligent light bulb which combined lighting with monitor function, using the existing E26/E27 lamp-holder at home, and it’s ready to go! Connect to WiFi and download APP from your smart devices to monitor the situation at home.

You can download IP C.M. App to control the intelligent light bulb. It's easy to set up the lamp, and it's a whole new experience of smart living. No matter where you are, you can control the IP CAMERA LAMP remotely, and easily take control of the situation at home. Automatic switching to the night light mode at night is also available!

IP C.M. App now Available!

P2P Connection, more safety

IP C.M. Lamp transfers image by P2P connection. Image will be transferred form memory card of bulb to your smart devices directly. Recording files are only saved in memory card of lamp, or recording to your smart devices, it won’t have storage in cloud service, and ensure the information can be protected.

Beautiful Light Technology Corporation
Beautiful Light Technology Corporation

Free download. No registration.

APP is available on Android and iOS APP market now, download the APP, Bring you a brand new smart lighting experience.

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